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Title: Pre-service Teachers Preparedness For Ict Implementation In Africa: A Comparative Study From Sudan, Ethiopia And Egypt
Authors: Waziri, Kawu; M. Kadok Abdel-Rahman; Shuaibu Aishatu
Year: 2017
Publication No: M-JOSTEVE-2017-16
Total downloads: 688
Issue: Volume 5, Number 1
File size: 173 Kb
The study compared pre-service teachers’ preparedness for awareness and implementation of ICT policies in Sudan Republic, Ethiopia and Egypt. Two objectives were stated and two hypotheses guided the study, three hundred pre-service teachers were randomly sampled from three universities. The instrument for data collection was rating scale questionnaire. The instrument was validated by three experts and its reliability was determined using Cronbach alpha which yielded 0.89 reliability coefficient. The data was collected by three research assistants and it was analyzed using Kruskal-Wallis test. The results show that, Egyptian pre-service teachers have the highest level of ICT policies awareness followed by Sudanese then Ethiopian but, they were all equal in preparedness to implement ICT. It was recommended that, African countries should publicize their ICT policies to their teachers. Teachers should be given in-service training in order to be aware and more conversant with ICT facilities, for effective implementation.