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Title: Influence Of Universal Basic Education (ube) Programme On Studentsí Enrolment In Government Juniour Secondary Schools (gjss) In Adamawa State, Nigeria
Authors: Mohammed Abdullah Shehu; Muhammed Mahmud
Year: 2017
Publication No: M-JOSTEVE-2017-23
Total downloads: 676
Issue: Volume 5, Number 1
File size: 379 Kb
The Universal Basic Education (UBE) programme was introduced on the 30th September, 1999 in Sokoto State. The programme was introduced in order to remedy the previous educational imbalances in the Nigeria education system, and to provide sound educational platform especially, at the basic level of education. The objective of this study was to investigate the influence of UBE programme on students` enrolments in Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) in Adamawa State. Two research questions were raised to guide the study and two null hypotheses were formulated and tested at 0.05 level of significance. Ex-post-facto design was used.A sample of 21,441 students made up of 21 from GJSS I and 21,420 GJSS III studentsí enrolment records were randomly and purposively selected. Checklist was used as an instrument for data collection. A Secondary data was also used as a source of information to this study. Percentage, mean, standard deviation were used to answer the research questions while independent sample t-test was used to test the null hypotheses. The study revealed that UBE programme had significant influence on the enrolment of boys and girls in JSS in Adamawa State. In view of this finding, recommendations were made, which include among others that, UBE programme should be implemented in the states that have not implemented it at all and be strengthened in those states that have partially implemented so as to further increase the enrolment of students into JSS in Nigeria.