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Title: Improving Agricultural Education Through Entrepreneurship Instruction In Colleges Of Education In Nigeria
Authors: K.H (PhD) Daniel; O.R (PhD) MELAIYE
Year: 2021
Publication No: M-JOSTEVE-2021-88
Total downloads: 179
Issue: Volume 9, Number 1
File size: 785 Kb
The study was designed to determine, entrepreneurship Instruction in colleges of education in Taraba and Adamawa states as the purposeful direction of the teaching and learning processes that can equip students with skills, abilities, knowledge, attitude and values that will make him or her a manager of agricultural business outfit. Two purposes, two research questions and two hypotheses guided the study. Descriptive survey research design was adopted or the study. The population of the study was 71 comprising of 48 lecturers and 23 instructors using purposive sampling technique, no sampling, the entire population was used for the study as the population is manageable. Instrument for data collection was Improving Agricultural Education through Entrepreneurship Instruction Questionnaire (IAEEIQ). Three experts from the department of Vocational education Modibbo Adama University Yola validated the instrument. The questionnaire was trial tested using Cronbach Alpha formula for the purpose of estimating the internal consistency of the survey instrument. A reliability coefficient of 0.74% was obtained. The data collected were analyzed using mean and standard deviation, mean and standard deviation to answer the two research questions. The findings revealed that agricultural education lecturers and instructors agreed that there is need for all the suggested items presented on entrepreneurship skills instruction to improve agricultural education. Also both the lecturers and the instructors in all the three colleges of education in Adamawa and Taraba States agreed on all the items presented on the instructional design which focus for job creation, teaching method and possible measures that could be employed to improve agricultural education through entrepreneurship instruction. The findings have revealed that a lot of efforts are still needed in entrepreneurship skill instruction such as marketing, financing, decision making, manipulative, creative and instructional design which focus for job creation among students in colleges of education in Adamawa and Taraba States. The study recommended that quality entrepreneurship skill instruction such as manipulative skill, creative skill, among others be given to the students, with more emphasis to be placed on the instructional designs for job creating rather than job seekers, teaching should be more of demonstrative, drill, and practical’s.